Cruel Winter Blues, Review

Two hit men mess up a hit and kill the wrong guy. The dead guys “family” seeks revenge and one of the hit men takes the fall for his friend. He does it because he has no family and the other guy has a mother, that visited them when they were in prison. Jae-moon goes after the man who kills his friend. He takes a new guy, Chi-guk with him to stake out the small town where the target’s, Dae-sik’s mother lives. Chi-guk is from that town and once was a Taekwondo instructor.

Jae-moon eats lunch at Dae-sik’s moms restaurant as it is the only restaurant in town. She takes him shopping and drinking with girls, and when he has the chance to kill Dae-sik he hesitates.

One thing he tells Chi-guk about being a ganster, is that when an order comes from the boss, the order must be obeyed, no matter what. Chi-guk appears morally conflicted about the life he has chosen.

Unless there is a sequel, the whole Taekwondo storyline goes nowhere.

Although not a greatest action flick, gangster flick or drama, this movie is still entertaining.

I will rate it 2.5/5 clives.


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