Tropic Thunder, Dr. Who Season 1, Red Cliff Reviews

I went to see Tropic Thunder because I wanted to laugh. Robert Downey Jr. plays a Australian actor who gets so deep into his characters he doesn’t know who he is any more. He thinks he’s a black man and has had his skin altered and “talks black”. This offends the hip hop star who also acts in this movie. Tom Cruise plays a puffed up movie exec. He has fake body hair and is almost unrecognizable. Jack Black is Jack Black and what a crazy funny guy he is. Nick Nolte plays a Vietnam Vet who writes a book about his experience. He is on location as an advisor. The filming is not going well. Ben Stiller, on the downside of his his action star career can’t cry and the pyronechnic guy decimates the forest when the camera isn’t running. To make things more real, they actors are dropped into the jungle without their cel phones and stumble on a drug running operation. Brando Soo Hoo plays the tough child leader of the drug runners. He is trained in Karate, Tae kwon do and Kung fu.

If you like vulgar humor that pokes fun at the movie industry and relationships, this is your movie. One does not have to dig deep for a cheap laugh.

Disc 3 of Dr. Who Season 1 came, and I am enjoying the series. I’m confused. Christopehr Eccleston is listed as the actor playing Dr. Who, but one IMDB David Tennant is listed as Dr. Who. Oh oh, I just read that he quit after one season and was replaced by David Tennant! There ought to be a law! David Tennant is Scottish. I will have to prepare for the switchover. At least I’ve been warned. I am enjoying this series…tongue in cheek humor, geek gadgets, zany monsters and time travel.

Red Cliffs is based on a book that can be downloaded at It tells the story of 3 kingdoms and a battle at Red Cliffs. Cao Cao wants to rule all three kingdoms and has the largest army. His only motive is greed. He has put Liu Bei on the run and Liu Bei and Sun Quan for a truce to beat Cao Cao. They are still outnumbered, but have the love of their people, two very astute military strategists, and very loyal champion fighter generals on their side. When Cao Cao decides to attack from the sea, he is lured into fighting a land battle where he is defeated. Apparently there will be a sequel, because he doesn’t die, but comes back from the sea to fight the battle of Red Cliffs. John Woo directs an excellent cast. It is an interesting historical drama with good acting and great action shots. I will rate this one 3/5 acorns. Having very cute actors doesn’t hurt one bit (Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro)


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