Dexter, Season 2

Michael C. Hall plays Dexter, forensic expert who is also a serial killer.  In Season 2, pressures mount as the FBI begins examining the bodies discovered in the bay.  Sgt. Doakes is on his tail again, after briefly being put off thinking Dexter has been hiding a drug addiction.  He even finds Dexter’s trophies, the single drop of blood from each of his victims.  Rita, his girlfriend has to confront her domineering mother and jealousy over his NA sponsor, Lila.  Lila has a fatal attraction for Dexter, and is clearly unbalanced.  He starts to recognize this after she sets fire to her own apartment when she finds out he plans to spend a day at the beach with Rita.  Meanwhile, Dexter finds out more disturbing facts about his mothers and adoptive father and seeks out the one remaining murderer.

I was sad to see the last episode.  Now I have to wait until Season 3 comes out on DVD.

Someone should have warned Lila not to mess with a serial killer.  But, I for one was glad to see her end.  Still there is something very scary about the look in Dexter’s eyes.  He truly likes what he does.  Luckily for the “normal” he has a code, like Anton Chigurh, in No Country for Old Men.   Just stay off their list.


Season 2 Dexter and Death Race reviews

Season 2 of Dexter is lined up in the Netflix queue.   Really, it’s tough to figure out what I can’t stop watching it.  There isn’t anything redeeming about a serial killer with a string of over 30, is there?  Dexter’s neat little bundles have been discovered under the sea by some divers seeking a shipwreck.  One of the Carradine brothers playing and FBI agent is called in and Dexter’s sister is attracted to him even though he is much older.  Dexter’s girlfriend’s mom has moved in and she tries to take over the household.  Dexter’s sponser at NA is all over the place and she clearly has some really big issues of her own.  Dexter breaks up with his girflriend,  and finds out more about his mom and her death, but I won’t let this spoiler out of the bag.    So why is this all so intriguing?  It’s the vigilante angle.  Even “normal” citizens argue that he should just be let go.  So I can’t wait for the next two discs.

Once again I showed up at the wrong time for a movie so ended up seeing Jason Statham in Death Race instead of Babylon AD.  It’s pretty much straight up action.  The trailer explains the plot and there aren’t many surprises.  Mr Statham shows off his rhomboids…I’m a sucker for great rhomboids.  It’s the testosterone.  This movie does play up the difference between testosterone and estrogen, the estrogen being displayed by Natalie Marinez and Joan Allen.  Not a deep movie but the non stop action, predictable plot, likable characters and happy ending made me glad I got to see it on the big screen.


Frederick Koehler plays an interesting character named Lists and Ian McShane is coach.  And oh, btw, Ford will be happy to see their cars in the race.

Life’s Little Dramas. Traitor, Kaibei and Dr. Who Reviews

Sunday I took my “trainer” dog Malu, the Blue Healer, for a walk in Waimanlo.  He was on a leash.  I saw a slight movement just a split second before he did and before I could react he pounced on a bird.  I know it was a bird because I saw it’s green tail sticking out of his mouth.  Malu did not pay any attention to my command to drop it, nor did he listen to his real pack leader.  Instead he took a gulp and swallowed it.   What a dog.  I still feel sorry for that little bird and very disappointed in my leadership skills.  I don’t think I’ll be getting a dog any time soon.

Back home, I’m attacking the weeds in the patio.  Occasionally I pull up an especially big clump and an earthworm gets disturbed.  I worry about them as those lizards come out of nowhere and eat them.  I cover them with dirt or a pot until they find safety.   And to think I used to dig those guys up and go bass fishing below the reservoir.  Ew.

So much for life’s little dramas.

I watched Kaibei because it had Tadanobu Asano in it.  He plays Yamazaki, a gangly, nerdy guy, who trips over his own feet and doesn’t know how to swim.

Kaibee is about a women’s mother. It is a tear jerker. Dad, Tobei, is imprisioned because of his politcal beliefs. This takes place prior to WW2 when Japan has invaded China. Kaibee makes many sacrifices for her children and bears the shame, the poverty and the loneliness to see her husband. Yamazaki (Asano) shows up one day and becomes a great support to the family until he his drafted In typical fashion, even without the samurai theme, everybody dies and no one gets the girl. Asano is great as the gangly klutz.

Season 1 on Dr. Who has ended on the Netflix queue. The new Dr. Who has been introduced. I’ll see how I like him. I hear he is very good.

Traitor,  stars Don Cheadle as and US asset in the Middle East. His father before him was killed in a car bombing in Sudan.  He was raised by his mom in Chicago.  His skill is building bombs and this comes in handy if one is infiltrating a terrorist organization.  Mr. Memento himself, Guy Pearce plays a FBI agent who gets on his trail as he seeks out the group.  Only one person in the USA knows Don is a good guy, and it is not Guy.   I don’t know how “real” this portrayal is.   There is a cool twist at the end which I will not say more about.   I will rate this movie 3/5 acorns.