Season 2 Dexter and Death Race reviews

Season 2 of Dexter is lined up in the Netflix queue.   Really, it’s tough to figure out what I can’t stop watching it.  There isn’t anything redeeming about a serial killer with a string of over 30, is there?  Dexter’s neat little bundles have been discovered under the sea by some divers seeking a shipwreck.  One of the Carradine brothers playing and FBI agent is called in and Dexter’s sister is attracted to him even though he is much older.  Dexter’s girlfriend’s mom has moved in and she tries to take over the household.  Dexter’s sponser at NA is all over the place and she clearly has some really big issues of her own.  Dexter breaks up with his girflriend,  and finds out more about his mom and her death, but I won’t let this spoiler out of the bag.    So why is this all so intriguing?  It’s the vigilante angle.  Even “normal” citizens argue that he should just be let go.  So I can’t wait for the next two discs.

Once again I showed up at the wrong time for a movie so ended up seeing Jason Statham in Death Race instead of Babylon AD.  It’s pretty much straight up action.  The trailer explains the plot and there aren’t many surprises.  Mr Statham shows off his rhomboids…I’m a sucker for great rhomboids.  It’s the testosterone.  This movie does play up the difference between testosterone and estrogen, the estrogen being displayed by Natalie Marinez and Joan Allen.  Not a deep movie but the non stop action, predictable plot, likable characters and happy ending made me glad I got to see it on the big screen.


Frederick Koehler plays an interesting character named Lists and Ian McShane is coach.  And oh, btw, Ford will be happy to see their cars in the race.


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