Dexter, Season 2

Michael C. Hall plays Dexter, forensic expert who is also a serial killer.  In Season 2, pressures mount as the FBI begins examining the bodies discovered in the bay.  Sgt. Doakes is on his tail again, after briefly being put off thinking Dexter has been hiding a drug addiction.  He even finds Dexter’s trophies, the single drop of blood from each of his victims.  Rita, his girlfriend has to confront her domineering mother and jealousy over his NA sponsor, Lila.  Lila has a fatal attraction for Dexter, and is clearly unbalanced.  He starts to recognize this after she sets fire to her own apartment when she finds out he plans to spend a day at the beach with Rita.  Meanwhile, Dexter finds out more disturbing facts about his mothers and adoptive father and seeks out the one remaining murderer.

I was sad to see the last episode.  Now I have to wait until Season 3 comes out on DVD.

Someone should have warned Lila not to mess with a serial killer.  But, I for one was glad to see her end.  Still there is something very scary about the look in Dexter’s eyes.  He truly likes what he does.  Luckily for the “normal” he has a code, like Anton Chigurh, in No Country for Old Men.   Just stay off their list.


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