Memories of Murder, review (warning spoilers)

Kang-ho Song acted in the fun Korean blockbuster The Host as the not-to bright but loving father.   In Memories of Murder is plays a detective in a very small rural town, where it looks like a serial killer is on the loose.  Most of the forensic evidence is destroyed by the time the police are on the scenes.  He interviews many suspects and feels he can tell who is guilty by looking in their eyes.  His partner takes pleasure in beating the crap out of suspects until they confess to just about anything.

Enter the more sofisticated detective from Seoul who looks for patterns.  The killings occur on rainy nights, were all wearing red, and on each night a certain rare song is requested on the radio.  As the police narrow down their search they are constantly stymied by the lack of evidence.  Even the specimen sent of to American for DNA testing is equivocal .

Does Hae-il Parklook like James Spader?

I will rate this one 3/5 acorns with 1/2 for crimes against women and policemen beating up suspects, guilty or not.


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